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PB Updating
This walk-through can be used for COD2, COD4 and COD5

Punkbuster has now dropped all support for the Call of Duty series. There is no longer the option to use legacy support, as such the only option is to setup Punkbuster manually. This involves using a clean copy of the PB folder in the game directly, it is highly advisable that you source these files from the downloads section of this website to ensure they do not contain any unwanted files. This walk-through will detail the process for COD4 however can be used for all by interchanging the italic directories.

Step One: Download the required files
You will first need the Punkbuster services that allow communication between the client and the server.

Punkbuster Services 1.0
Category: Punkbuster
Last Updated May 29 2015 04:04 PM

You will then need to download the PB files for the game and platform you are using, you will only need one of the below downloads.

Cod4 Modtools Sdk
Call of Duty 4 - Windows
Category: Punkbuster
Last Updated Oct 10 2014 05:38 AM


Cod5 Titel1606
Call of Duty World at War - Windows
Category: Punkbuster
Last Updated Jan 08 2014 06:03 PM


Step Two: Extract and execute the pbsvc.exe file that will install the Punkbuster services.
There is not much to this process - simply click next repeatedly.

Step Three: Extract and replace your current Punkbuster files in your game directory with the ones you have just downloaded
This directory can be in different places based on what OS and platform you are using, the most common ones are:

\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\PB
\Activision\Call of Duty 4\PB
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Found another BO2 remake for tonight. Plaza: http://www.bumpinuglieshosting.com/downloads/xmas_files/mp_bo2plaza.zip
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